Brighton Half Marathon 2014

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On the 16th of February it’s the Brighton Half Marathon and we have some pieces of advice for you to recover after your big run!
We ‘re planning a very busy day here, we’re already designing new recovery cocktails and if you’re planning to join us for one of our delicious roasts, please book in advance to be absolutely sure you’ll make your belly happy!

The 5 best ways to recover from the Half Marathon

The best thing to do immediately after finishing your run (after grabbing your hard earned medal and wrapping yourself in turkey foil) is to lap up a specially made cocktail from the genius Brighton Rocks mixologists. Carefully created to address each issue your poor body is going through – a Ginger & Elderflower Collins: Ginger for the soon-to-be-paralysing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), a touch of elderflower for slowing the adrenaline down and helping you chill and delicious bloom gin to maximise the sense of pride coursing through your veins without getting annoying.. A perfect match.

This is one of the most beautiful things ever and you won’t care that you’re sweaty, red faced and have a spot of nipple chafe. When someone gets their hands on those tired legs and starts massaging that hamstring you’ll groan in delight. Post run massages are essential for making the next day or two far more bearable. And you might even make it into work on Tuesday.

Your body is depleted of energy after running that far so you need meat, veg, gravy and a massive Yorkshire pudding. It’s scientifically proven* that a traditional Sunday roast will redress your energy levels and rebalance your blood sugar. Remember the brown rice and porridge you’ve been living off this last fortnight? No more! Enjoy the best roast you’ll ever have. If anyone argues it’s not the best idea to eat one straight after, steal their crackling.

You’ve surely had enough of your own playlist after a couple of hours of running to it so kick back and enjoy someone else’s music that isn’t designed to make you run but to help you relax. No house music, no DnB or anything with a BPM that’ll make you do anything more than tap your foot and start to chill.

It’s not every day that you or anyone you know runs for 21 miles straight. So milk it! You’ve done an amazing job and raised some money for charity (hopefully) so you’re allowed to whinge to your friends about how difficult it was running into the wind up the hill toward Rottingdean, the panic at when your number nearly blew into Hove lagoon and how much your calves ache now every time you stand up. Milking it is not time specific – for years to come you can still brag about your achievements and how good that first pint tasted when you reached the pub.

*suggested by a regular who ran a marathon in 1976 whose father was a disgraced doctor

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